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YouTube Rewind Canceled After a Decade.

(Courtesy of Youtube)

YouTube confirmed that they are discontinuing YouTube Rewind. YouTube Rewind is a compilation of things that have trended around the world over the past year. Since 2011, many people have looked forward to YouTube Rewind every year because it often shows a great concept of video compilation per year. Ironically, YouTube owns “YouTube Rewind 2018,” the most disliked video on YouTube. The video has drawn more than 19 million dislikes and counting. However, YouTube Rewind will no longer exist.

“We no longer feel that a single video YouTube creates can reflect the full breadth of our creator community. We’re excited to pass the baton to creators to give each creator community the space to celebrate the YouTube that’s most important to them!” said Youtube on Twitter.

“we refocus our energies on celebrating you and the trends that make YouTube with a different and updated kind of experience,” Youtube also added their reasons and a hint via @Youtubecreators on Twitter.

Although there is no more precise explanation regarding the replacement for YouTube Rewind, YouTube is planning something different to keep its users entertained. They also thanked the content creators who had been involved in making YouTube Rewind.

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