#VERSPEKTIF Episode 1 – Mencari Jati Diri Dalam Koleksi.
December 8, 2021

Amid rapid and massive industrial modernization, many people love old or ethnic goods for various reasons; the quality is better, the shape is more remarkable, to sentimental reasons such as making it an identity or personal branding. Many people feel that they can be represented or expressed through what they wear or collect.

The goods used are not just to be shown. More than that is for their identity. These goods are not only meaningful to the buyer but also the seller. Not only become an identity for the buyer, but these items have also become the seller's living capital.

VERSPEKTIF by Volix, supported by the Goethe Institute, is trying to find out more about the perpetrators. To know the story, you can watch at the following link:

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