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“Until The End of Time”: A Song That Reminds That Love Is Not Always Beautiful.

Still, in the context of Valentine’s day, love is a topic that is often discussed. Love should be beautiful and fun. However, some people often forget that in love, there are always consequences, whether it’s hurt or far from expectations. This reality of love is what Farah Firdausy is trying to describe through her song and music video “Until The End of Time” which was released on Valentine’s day 14 February 2022.

Farah collaborated with a production house, Lucro Studio also directed and written by Rayhan Renaldi, tries to raise the theme of love which is not only filled with beautiful moments and laughter but also sorrow and pain. The music video tells the story of the two lovebirds named Refal and Nina, who are hit with a household problem that causes traumatic feelings but still face it together. This music video tries to convey that “with the right person, both good and bad, a journey can be passed together”.

Go listen and watch “Until The End of Time” on your favorite music streaming platform.

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