Ubud Is Ranked 4th In The List Of The 25 Best Cities In The World.
November 17, 2021

American travel publication, Travel and Leisure, released the latest global recognition in tourism destinations. Quoted from its official website, Travel and Leisure released a list of the 25 best cities in the world. In the survey, Ubud ranked 4th right between Istanbul, Turkey in the 3rd place and Kyoto, Japan in the 5th place.

Interestingly, Ubud beat a row of other big cities, such as Bangkok, Tokyo, and Seoul. Meanwhile, San Miguel de Allende in Mexico won the best city in the world this year.

The list was compiled based on a survey conducted on website readers who had traveled to various world regions from January 11 to May 10, 2021.
Readers give their ratings or views on sights, culture, food, hospitality, shopping, and overall value.

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