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Twitter Does Its Magic To Find The Missing Brother To His Sister.

(Image Source: Twitter/Arllnath)

On October 12, @arllnath took it to Twitter to ask for the netizens’ help to find her little brother. She told us that in 2016, her brother said to her that he is going out to the warung. However, he didn’t return home.

Her family tried to search for him for years and even sought help from the police. Unfortunately, her brother was nowhere to be found.

Five years after the brother was gone, she sought help via Twitter. Twenty-four hours later, he was found by a report from Panti Asuhan Bina Grahita. Panti Asuhan Bina Grahita replied to her tweet and asked for contact. According to our interview with @arllnath via DM, at this time she doesn’t know much about her brother’s condition and activities while separated, but clearly, she is very grateful to have finally found her brother and will reunite soon.

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