Tulus Has Made A Comeback By Releasing A New Single Titled “Ingkar”.
August 13, 2021

Last year, a great Indonesian singer named 'Tulus' released a song titled "Adaptasi" which describes enjoying the little things around during the pandemic.

This year, between situations that feel cramped, he realized that it does not limit the scope for collaboration in creating a new song by utilizing technology. Ari Renaldi, a producer who has produced multiple works with Tulus, collaborated with Erwin Gutawa, a brilliant Indonesian composer.

Moreover, this September will be the tenth year of Tulus' musical journey, and with that, he released a song called "Ingkar" on August 13, 2021. Tulus also released "Ingkar" with a music video of singing the song live in front of an art installation that collaborated with Bandu Darmawan, a multimedia artist. "Ingkar" is an extensive collaboration in the middle of a narrow space. Currently, the song "Ingkar" can be listened to on various digital music platforms.

This song is also the starting point for Tulus' process towards his next album, and currently, he is in the process of creating new songs.

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