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The Victim Of Sexual Harassment And Bullying At The KPI Is Rumored To Pull Out The Report.

(Image Source: Instagram/Markus Winkler)

The alleged victim of sexual harassment and bullying at the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI), MS, has reportedly been pressured to sign a peace agreement with the alleged perpetrators, according to a source from The source stated that the alleged perpetrator with the initials RM came directly and pressured MS to sign a peace agreement in one of the KPI Office rooms on Wednesday (8/9

According to, the suspected perpetrators did not want to apologize when the victim visited KPI. They also forced the victim to sign a peace letter. However, the peace letter has not yet been signed because the victim wants the suspected perpetrators to admit their mistake and apologize.

However, Tegar Putuhena – the attorney for the alleged perpetrators – denied these allegations.

Previously, this case was revealed when the victim said that he often got bullied and sexually harassed by his co-workers at the KPI. This bullying has been going on since 2012. Various bullying was received by the victim. From being stripped naked and photographed to being thrown into a swimming pool.

This case has also been reported to Komnas HAM. Komnas HAM said the victim had categorized the harassment and bullying he experienced as a form of crime and suggested that the victim report it to the police. The police are currently investigating the alleged abuse case. The suspected perpetrators, EO and RS, denied sexual harassment and bullying allegations among male KPI employees. The suspected perpetrators argued that the bullying of the victim was just a form of inside joke.

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