The South Sumatra Regional Police Officially Named A Sriwijaya University Lecturer As A suspect In A Sexual Harassment Case.
December 7, 2021

The South Sumatra Regional Police officially named a Sriwijaya University (Unsri) lecturer with the initials AR as a suspect of being involved in a sexual harassment case against his student DR (22). The Director of General Criminal Investigation (Ditreskrimum) of the South Sumatra Police Kombes Pol Hisar Siallagan said the lecturer at the Unsri Teacher Training and Education Faculty was named a suspect after investigators pocketed sufficient evidence, according to

In front of investigators, the suspect AR admitted to his obscene acts against the victim. The suspect kissed and touched the victim, but did not have sex. As stated by the victim.

The sexual harassment was carried out by the suspect AR when he was providing thesis guidance to the victim. The location of the incident took place at the History Laboratory of the Unsri FKIP, Indralaya Campus, Ogan Ilir, on Saturday (25/9/2021), according to CNN Indonesia.

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