The Government Of India Plans To Change The Horns In A Car Into Flute Sound.
September 8, 2021

Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari has announced the process of framing rules to change the horns in cars to sounds of musical instruments. Gadkari said the ministry was working on new regulations, and vehicle manufacturers might be directed to use "the right kind of horn," which may include sounds of Indian musical instruments, such as flutes. According to a Lokmat report, the new rules make vehicle horns sound more soothing.

"I live on the 11th floor in Nagpur. I do pranayama for 1 hour every morning. But the horn disturbs the morning silence. After this matter, I thought that the car horn must be in the correct position. We have started to think that car horn sounds should be Indian instruments, and we are working on them. Sounds of instruments like tabla, percussion, violin, trumpet, flute should be heard from the horn," Gadkari said, as quoted by Lokmat.

The honking noise pollution is a big problem in many cities in India and has caused various issues. Gadkari's solution is unlikely to solve the problem, but it could make the horn sound problem less annoying than today.

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