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The Dean of FISIP, Universitas Riau, Has Been Named As A Suspect For Alleged Sexual Harassment.


Riau Police Investigators have named the Universitas Riau’s Dean of FISIP, Syafri Harto, as a suspect in the alleged sexual harassment case against a student, L, whose thesis was being mentored by SH.

Head of Public Relations of the Riau Police, Kombes Sunarto, said that the confirmation of the suspect was from the investigation result, which included: examining the statements of witnesses and the evidence that had been secured.

During the general investigation, the police examined dozens of witnesses. Among them are the victim, the victim’s family, dean staff, campus security officers, department secretary, department head, head of the HI Student Corps Advocacy (Komahi), friend of the victim, friend of the reported suspect, and the victim’s academic advisor.

Investigators have sent a Notice of Investigation Commencement to the Public Prosecutor. This case stems from a viral video of the student’s alleged sexual harassment confession on the internet about how the lecturer nonconsensually kissed her forehead and cheeks.

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