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Taylor Swift Becomes A College Subject at The New York University.

(Image Source: Instagram/Taylor Swift)

New York University’s (NYU) Clive Davis Institute has introduced its first course on Taylor Swift.

This course was launched on January 26 and continues until March 9.
The class will cover Swift’s evolution taught by Brittany Spanos of Rolling Stone.

In its description, it is said that this course intends to deconstruct Taylor Swift’s appeals and aversions through a careful reading of her music and public discourse relating to her growth as an artist and celebrity.

It is hoped that the students will learn to deconstruct how her creativity and songwriting make her last in the fast-growing music industry.

Moreover, it is hoped that students will also develop more significant experience in their artistic appreciation, critical thinking, research, and writing skills.

Swift has also been invited to speak in class, although the request’s status is still pending.

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