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Tahilalats Launches NFT Project under Moniker Mindblowon Universe

Courtesy of Mindblowon Universe

Indonesian comic project Tahilalats will launch an NFT project under the moniker Mindblowon Universe. Faithful to its ‘90s cartoons and popular culture theme, Mindblowon Universe will release 6969 NFT collections styled in Tahilalats visuals.

Led by local artist, Lickpalik, the Tahilalats project gained prominent popularity circa mid 2010s as a humorous comic strip and LINE sticker. Tahilalats have collaborated with international brands, artists, and musicians including Coldplay, BTS, and Rich Brian.

With 12 million followers on various social media platforms, in 2021 Tahilalats was nominated as one of the best digital content creators by Forbes and has established itself among the leading artists of the development of Indonesian comic arts.

The Mindblowon Universe Project will be released on May 6, 2022 as a metaverse for the international web3 community, creators, investors, and collectors. The initial price had not been announced yet.

Nevertheless, it is anticipated as one of the largest NFT projects in Asia, with NFT media Asian Mint has put Mindblowon Universe in the elite category, expecting it to have a massive potential that might sit on the same level with other global projects such as karafuru 3D, project PXN, Collider Craft, Conium and Garbage Friends.

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