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Courtesy of Mindblowon Studio

Tahilalats’ Mindblowon Studio is coming up with another exciting project this year. After successfully launching its NFT project last May as part of the Mindblowon Universe, it is now partnering with Bored and Hungry, a fast food restaurant created by one of most prominent NFT projects in the world, Bored Ape Yacht Club. This collaboration officially launched on Saturday (27/8) in Long Beach, California.

Expanding to the food and beverage industry is one of many strategic ways Mindblowon Universe is planning on capturing the US market. Through this collaboration, Mindblowon Universe also aims to introduce Indonesian cuisines to a global audience. Additionally, this leads to the release of a special Bored and Hungry menu that uses “kecap manis” as one of the ingredients.

Bored and Hungry captures people who are already familiar with web3. Therefore, this collaboration has given those people a place to enjoy delicious food while seeing Mindblowon Studio’s works that are displayed, even on the food packaging. During the opening weekend, this collaboration successfully made many Californians line up outside Bored and Hungry. 

Mindblowon’s NFT projects started to penetrate the US market in June 2022. They joined an NFT event in New York and collaborated with notable names such as Billionaire Boys Club, Stadium Goods, Noodles, as well as fellow local NFT creators, Karafuru.

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