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Students of The UPN Veteran Jakarta Rally After A Student Passed Away While Participating At The Diksar Menwa.


A student at the Universitas Pembangunan Nasional Veteran Jakarta (UPNVJ) passed away while participating at the Resimen Mahasiswa (Menwa) UPNVJ. The victim is a 2020 D3 Physiotherapy student, Fauziyah Nabilah. Fauziyah Nabilah or Lala is said to be tired while following a 10-15 kilometer-long march. Lala was said to be in the back row. Lala was said to have cramps and asked to rest. According to the family, Lala had time to rest in the ambulance. Lala died when she arrived at the hospital on September 25, 2021, according to

In response to this, students from the Universitas Pembangunan Nasional Veteran Jakarta (UPNVJ) rallied to urge the campus to investigate the death of a member of the Resimen Mahasiswa (Menwa) yesterday (30/11). Head of the Student Executive Board of UPN Veteran Jakarta, Rama Fathurachman, said that during the demonstration, students submitted five points of demands to the campus.

Deputy Chairperson of the UPN Veteran Jakarta Student Consultative Assembly (MPM), Ivanno Julius Reynaldi, stated that the students requested the release of the chronology of the incident from the Menwa and the rectorate. They also demanded that the Menwa be responsible for allowing such basic education and training activities or kegiatan pendidikan dan latihan dasar (Diksar). Ivanno also demanded the dissolution of Menwa from the UPNVJ rectorate. The reason is that Menwa’s activities are no longer relevant to the values ​​of reform and student rights.

MPM UPN Veteran Jakarta also strongly condemned Menwa’s actions in the diksar. Ivanno said there was a procedural flaw in the activity because there was no guarantee of the victim’s right to health. According to Ivanno, the Diksar activity also indicated maladministration because the Rector previously prohibited student organizations from conducting face-to-face activities (offline), according to TEMPO.

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