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Sri Mulyani Worries Many People Will Be Threatened With Loneliness in 2045.

(source: Youtube/Bank Indonesia)

Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati worries about the future. When digital technology accelerates, many people will be threatened with loneliness. This was conveyed by Sri Mulyani at the Indonesia Fintech Summit 2021 “Fintech for Faster Economic Recovery” which was broadcasted virtually, quoted on Sunday (12/12/2021).

“Later, a virtual world will appear, everything is so fast, and there will be a world of reality. I’m worried that in 2045 many people will be lonely because they can’t enter the virtual world and left the real world and they can’t engage,” she explained.

This is very likely to happen, especially when digital technology continues to develop. At this time, there are people in big cities who can’t adapt to technology so they are left behind or even out of the community.

Currently, she continued, several banks in European countries no longer provide personal services. Customers can use technology for various matters, unlike in the past, where banks provided tellers to customer service. Sri Mulyani also predicts similar things will happen in various other countries, including Indonesia.

Even so, Sri Mulyani does not deny that if we use digital technology properly, in terms of regulation and education to the public, will help push Indonesia’s economy forward.

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