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Scientists Develop Translator Tool to Understand Pigs’ Emotions, Increase Livestock Mental Health.

(Image Source: Unsplash/Kameron Kincade)

European scientists at the University of Copenhagen have created a pig translator tool to detect pig’s emotions. Elodie F. Briefer, the study’s lead author and an expert on animal communications, created an AI-based tool by training an algorithm to decode a pig’s grunt. The study used AI to analyze the acoustic signature of 7,414 pig sounds recorded of more than 400 individual animals. The journal, titled “Classification of Pig Calls Produced From Birth to Slaughter, According to Their Emotional Valence and Context of Production,” was referenced from observation at farms and experiments at pens where the pigs were given objects to explore.

The study found that there were differences in the sound of pigs with positive and negative emotions. The researchers found that a high-pitched sound meant the pig’s emotions were in a negative situation such as when the pigs were fighting, castrated, and waiting at the abattoir. Meanwhile, low-pitched grunts and barks are a sign of positive emotions, found when the pigs played with their friends, suckled the mother, and gather with the family.

The research and manufacture of this tool are expected to ensure and assist animal welfare, especially mental health issues, in paving the way for a better system for the livestock industry.

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