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Saipul Jamil Admitted Doesn’t Care About Public Sentiment To Him.

Saipul Jamil Gave His Statement About the Petition Regarding Him. (Image Source: Youtube/KH INFOTAINMENT)

The campaign to boycott Saipul from appearing on TV has become viral since he was released from prison due to child molestation and bribery. A petition with the title “BOYCOTT OF SAIPUL JAMIL FOR A PEDOPHILIA CRIMINAL APPEARING ON NATIONAL TELEVISION AND YOUTUBE” appeared on the site has been signed more than 500.000 times.

Responding to campaigns and petitions about him through a video posted on the KH Entertainment YouTube channel on 10 September, Saipul Jamil said he does not care about it.

“I used to have pros and cons, but I’m just an indifferent person,” said Saipul Jamil before he sang a snippet of the song Bodo Amat which Julia Vio and Insan Aoi popularized.

Furthermore, Saipul Jamil admitted that he knew that many people did not like him. He also admitted that he does not care, and he prays that the hatred of these people becomes love for him.

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