Prepare Healthy and Tasty Meal for This Year’s Special Idul Fitri
April 25, 2022

This year’s Lebaran is extra special because it is the first Idul Fitri in two years where we can be together with our beloved distant families.

To make the special day even more special, of course we want to prepare a set of delicious and elaborate meals for all the family members that will join the happy occasion. However, as the people celebrate the triumph after a month of self-restraint, we tend to overindulge and eat too much of the good things! Remember, deadly diseases such as stroke, diabetes, and high blood pressure are looming inside that portion of ketupat and lamb curry. 

Take a look at the tips below on how to prepare and enjoy a tasty but healthy meal for your whole family.

1. Prepare a lot of green veggies to combat the greasy main menu

A proper Lebaran meal is not complete without the meaty delicacies that are traditionally prepared through recipes handed down from one generation to the next. 

However, the most iconic Lebaran menu such as the beef rendang, opor ayam, and sambal goreng hati are all slow-cooked in coconut milk and containing high cholesterol. It is extra dangerous when they are enjoyed with carb-loaded ketupat. Especially, when elder family members join the Lebaran dinner we have to be prepared with leaner options to maintain their health.

It is of course impossible to avoid these meals in this annual holiday. However, we can still combat the fat by balancing with green, leafy vegetables. Rendang is best enjoyed paired with boiled cassava leaves and sliced cucumber. You also can prepare a big lalapan dish loaded with lettuce, raw lemon basil, and pohpohan in a pretty dish next to the ketupat basket to remind people that they need to eat their veggies! Use a classic looking, bamboo tray tampah to make the greens appealing, and decorate it with red and yellow cherry tomatoes.

2. Pair cookies with sliced fruit and jelly

Lebaran cookies such as nastar pineapple tart and Kaasstengels cheese cookies are a must in every household when it is around Lebaran.

The finger food is the favorite among little children, and it is hard to stop their sweet tooth from munching! 

Prepare healthier options for the little ones by preparing fun shaped sliced fruit. You can make an animal shaped sliced papaya, create sliced watermelon on lolly sticks, or have fun with slicing strawberries and kiwi into porcupine or bunny shape. You also can prepare honey-sweetened jelly and mold them in animal shape to make them more appealing to little kids.

Also, make sure you put a bunch of easy-to-peel fruits such as oranges, duku, and kelengkeng at the corners of the house where people might sit together to talk, watch TV, and rest. Use colorful dishes to contain the fruit, that will make them pop in the decoration and invite people to eat more fruit.

3. Skip the sugary drinks! 

It is no secret that sweet drinks are a part of the Idul Fitri festivity. Who will say no to a refreshment made of shaved ice drenched in syrup, coconut milk, and condensed milk? However, to avoid a sugar rush overkill after your plate of opor ayam, it is wise to quench the thirst with iced unsweetened tea. 

You also can choose to drink the nutritious fresh juice made of low-sugar fruits such as strawberries, kiwi, pomelo, or dragon fruit to help your body flush the extra cholesterol of the day. You also can mix the selection with celery and spinach to add extra fresh greens in your juice jar.

Have fun with the juice selection by creating a pop-up juice bar at a corner of the house and invite little children to help with mixing the healthy drink.

4. Opt for air-fried or sand-fried crackers

An elaborate Idul Fitri meal is never complete without kerupuk crackers. A bowl of soto banjar but no crackers on top? No thanks!

However, you can create a healthier option for crackers by preparing them with an air-fryer. 

To do this, do not buy ready-to-eat kerupuk, but instead buy ready-to-cook fish crackers, rice crackers, or emping. Spray with cooking oil, and put them in the air fryer. It won’t be as puffy as the deep-fried traditional version, but it surely will be as tasty.

You also can opt to fry crackers using the old-fashioned sand-frying method. Fill a large clay wok with clean sand, and put it on high heat. Put the uncooked crackers inside the blanket of hot sand and stir until they become puffy and crispy.Remember, it is okay to enjoy and celebrate the once-in-a-year occasion, but always do not lose yourself and overindulge. Balance out the bad fat and sugary munchies with the good, healthy nutritious sides. Get healthy cooking equipment and pretty dishes to plate your nutritious side dish by visiting Stay tuned for the crazy flash sales and amazing discounts during the Mar. 30 - May 5 period.

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