Penyalin Cahaya Won The Most Piala Citra at The 2021 Festival Film Indonesia.
November 11, 2021

Penyalin Cahaya succeeded to become the film that won the most Piala Cup at the 2021 Festival Film Indonesia (FFI). Penyalin Cahaya won 12 categories out of 17 nominations at FFI 2021. Wregas Bhanuteja, the director and writer of Penyalin Cahaya is grateful that the story which is based on the issue of violence and equality has received appreciation. Penyalin Cahaya is ready to go live via streaming services on January 13, 2022.

Here are the 12 nominations that the film Penyalin Cahaya won:

  1. Best Fashion Stylist won by Fadillah Putri Yunindar
  2. Best Male Supporting Actor won by Jerome Kurnia
  3. Best Image Editor won by Ahmad Yuniardi
  4. The best music director went to Yennu Ariendra
  5. Best Theme Songwriter went to Milan Tiara
  6. The Best Sounds were won by Sutrisno and Satrio Budiono
  7. Best Artistic Director won by Dita Gambiro
  8. Best Cinematography Director went to Gunnar Nimpuno
  9. Best Original Screenwriter won by Henricus Pria and Wregas Bhanuteja
  10. Best Male Actor won by Chicco Kurniawan
  11. Best Director went to Wregas Bhanuteja
  12. Best feature-length film at FFI 2021

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