Null Stern Hotel: A Room Without Roof and Walls.
November 27, 2021

Null Stern Hotel is a hotel without roof and walls in the foothills of the Alps, Switzerland. This hotel’s “room” consists of a comfortable double bed which provides a different experience of sleeping in nature.


No walls, no ceiling, no doors and no windows. in our eyes we are presented with a starry sky and beautiful mountains.


In addition, the hotel also has a butler, who provides room service, cabins for staff and bathrooms. You can pay $335 or around Rp4.828.924,50/night to stay in the world’s only zero-star hotel.


The Null Stern Hotel is the result of a collaborative design by Atelier fur Sonderaufgaben and hospitality expert from Minds in Motion SA Daniel Charbonnier. This room with no walls and roof was deliberately built to support Safiental and Art Safiental tourism programs.

Null Stern Hotel project is currently on sabbatical. However, the creators have announced the spin-off version called "Zero Real Estate — a room without walls or roof.” The spin-off will return in summer 2022 with more choices on locations throughout beautiful Switzerland.

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