NFT Project “Easy Demons Club” introduces Demon Auction
April 20, 2022

NFT Project “Easy Demons Club” is set to be released on April 23. The NFT project is founded by Indonesian NFT enthusiasts nicknamed RobinM, Faiz, and Argentinian artist Mau_Lencinas.

Easy Demons Club presents a challenge to local NFT game by introducing the Demon Auction.

A twist to the notorious Dutch Auction, the Demon Auction adapts the concept of Fair Dutch Auction and sets the final lowest price to zero.

The auction will start at 0,6 ETH and the price will decrease 0,05 ETH every 30 minutes until it reaches 0 ETH. It means buyers can mint the artwork for free during the 30 minutes before the auction ends.

Courtesy of Easy Demons Club

"We think it’s only fair for us to be able to set a price where we see ourselves being valued at, while also being brave enough to set the lowest of the low price for free," Easy Demon Club explains in their medium blog. 

Being true to the Fair Dutch Auction origins, they said if one person buys it at 0, they will refund everyone’s ETH back and the DemonListed will have their NFTs for free too.

"Doesn’t matter what we believe, you can mint at the price that YOU believe," they declared.

Courtesy of Easy Demons Club

The auction will release all of their 6.666 hand drawn assets by the legendary illustrator of Easy Demons Club. Buyers can mint the NFTs on April 23 and 24 in three phases, starting at 11.00 EST or 22.00 WIB.

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