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NASA Is Seeking Volunteers For Mars Simulation.

(Image Source: NASA/JPL)

Mars is calling! NASA is seeking volunteers to participate as crew members during the first one-year analog mission in habitat to simulate life in a distant world, beginning in Fall 2022.

The Red planet that will be used as a test site is not the real Mars but a simulated planet similar to the planet’s habitat named Mars Dune Alpha. The selected crew members will live inside Mars Dune Alpha, a 1,700-square-foot setting — made by an Icon 3D printer— located at Houston’s Johnson Space Center.

NASA will conduct three experiments for volunteers who are willing to live in the habitat of the artificial planet Mars. During the year-long experiment, those four selected volunteers will also be paid on the condition that they have to work on simulations of Mars exploration missions. These requirements include spacewalks, limited communication, limited food, and dealing with equipment breakdowns. The food that will be provided in the simulation mission is ready-to-eat food.

The requirements for the volunteers are strict. Volunteers need to have a master’s degree in a science, engineering, or math field or pilot experience. Only American citizens or permanent U.S. residents are eligible. Applicants must be between 30 and 55, in good physical health with no dietary issues, and not prone to motion sickness.

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