Nasa Reveals the Clearest Pictures of the Universe So Far
July 13, 2022

NASA has revealed a series of breathtaking views of the universe taken by its powerful James Webb Space Telescope. The images revealed on Tuesday (11/7) local time were claimed to be the sharpest, deepest infrared view of the space. Objects depicted in the image were previously elusive to NASA's technology.

The images show cosmic landscapes of “mountains” and “valleys” speckled with glittering stars of the stellar regions including galaxy groups, dust, and planets. As light travel a billion years to reach us, we are looking back in time to within a billion years when seeing these pictures.

Through the photographs, scientists may locate the formation of stars as well as the physical and chemical composition of the space objects. Researchers will be able to use data to understand how galaxies form, grow, and merge with each other, and in some cases why they stop forming stars altogether.

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