Museum MACAN Presents a Collaborative Exhibition: Present Continuous / Sekarang Seterusnya.
September 23, 2021

Present Continuous / Sekarang Seterusnya is a collaborative project initiated by Museum MACAN together with five art organizations and contemporary art biennales in Indonesia, which include: Biennale Jogja, Index, Jatiwangi art Factory, LOKA, and Makassar Biennale. Present Continuous / Sekarang Seterusnya launched on 16 September 2021 with its first public program, Present Continuous / Sekarang Seterusnya: A Conversation. Presented as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia, this project is not just an exhibition but also designed as a platform to give voice to the art community who come from various geographical backgrounds. This project connects artists and their communities through a choice of diverse experiences through speech programs: presentations and online group discussions.

Present Continuous raises the political life of indigenous peoples and their relationship with colonial experience, collective memory, good history. Moreover, it is also related to the concepts of social life, mythology, nature, and the creative industry that has an impact on policy changes. And microeconomic development. All the stories come from various regions, including Banda Aceh, Bandung, Majalengka, Makassar, and Papua.

This exhibition will include four artists and two art collectives: Arifa Safura & DJ Rencong (Banda Aceh), Mira Rizki (Bandung), Muhlis Lugis (Makassar), Udeido Collective (Jayapura), and the Regional Terrakota Implementation Unit (UPTD) ( Majalengka). This exhibition opens a series of dialogues from various perspectives and practices of social life, where we can get to know artists and local cultural problems that impact society in Indonesia more deeply. These works are expressed in various mediums such as sculpture, digital art, and also performances.

Museum MACAN will host a series of online public programs such as artist discussions and collaboration with partner organizations and curators. The exhibition will be on view from 18 December – 15 May 2022 with strict health and safety protocols at the MACAN Museum. A range of integrated digital activations and virtual guides will be presented alongside the exhibition for those unable to visit the museum in person.

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