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Mural for Jakarta by Streoflow & Mahavisual

Graffiti and street art that used to be considered ‘permissive’ has now become a well-respected art form. There is a lot of graffiti art that has sincere meanings to deliver great messages through the art. One of them is a mural made by Streoflow a.k.a Adi Dharma “Mural for Jakarta” in one corner of Jakarta, Cipete area.

In his actions for Jakarta, he conjured up a 20×15 meter wall to make it more attractive to be seen by pedestrians, drivers, MRT users, and all those who pass by. Besides that, he also wants to introduce more about street art in Indonesia. Through Streoflow’s signature color scheme, he hopes to give a pleasant atmosphere and positive energy for Jakarta, Indonesia, and all.

“This mural is entirely for the community, especially Jakarta. There are still many people who have to struggle in the midst of the pandemic and have to try harder to live. Not only the positive spirit that I want to share but also the element of happiness that can be seen from various angles in this art,” Streoflow said.

This is not the only art he has created, Streoflow is an Indonesian artist whose work has been recognized all over the world. This “Mural for Jakarta” is also his collaboration with Mahavisual. Mahavisual is a friend of artists who want to have a big impact on the progress of the Indonesian visual arts industry one small step at a time.

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