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Many Students In North Sumatra Did Not Attend Face-to-Face School Because Most Are Married.

(Photo: Unsplash/Ivan Aleksic)

The Education Office of the North Sumatra Provincial Government stated that hundreds of students did not attend face-to-face learning at school. The Head of the North Sumatra Education Office, Wan Syaifuddin, said three factors prevent students from attending face-to-face learning: being lazy because they study at home for too long, working, and most are married, according to

Syaifuddin said the statement in Medan on Tuesday (28/9). Syaifuddin claimed that between 700 and 800 high school students in North Sumatra did not attend school after the limited face-to-face learning policy started on September 1. Although the most common reason is that most of the students are married, Syaifuddin has not been able to convey how many high school students are married.

According to, each school must be careful of coronavirus transmission by implementing strict health protocols. So far, the implementation of face-to-face learning in various regions of North Sumatra is running well. The only main problem was that many students didn’t come.

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