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Lembaga Warkop DKI Assesses Comedy Group ‘Warkopi’ Violates Intellectual Property Rights.

The Comedy Group 'Warkopi'. (Photo: Instagram/Alfredus)

Lembaga Warkop DKI regrets the comedy group ‘Warkopi’ action, who imitated the legendary comedians Alm. Dono, Alm, Kasino, and Indro without permission. Furthermore, Lembaga Warkop DKI gave a warning to Warkop for violating Intellectual Property Rights. In reading the warning letter, Lembaga Warkop DKI asked Warkopi to stop all kinds of commercial activities.

Warkop DKI-Dono, Kasino, Indro-.(Photo: Instagram/Indrowarkop_asli)

However, Indro Warkop firmly said that he had no problem with Warkopi’s similarities with Warkop DKI’s. Quoted from, Indro Warkop was just disappointed with Warkop’s ethics that violated intellectual property rights.

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