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KPK Detained The Deputy Speaker of The House of Representatives, Azis Syamsuddin.

(Photo: Instagram/Official.kpk)

The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) detained the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Azis Syamsuddin, in early Saturday (25/9). Azis was named a suspect in the alleged corruption case of giving gifts or promises related to the case handled by the KPK in Central Lampung Regency.

KPK chairman Firli Bahuri explained in a press conference at the KPK Red and White Building that, in this case, Azis contacted KPK investigator Stepanus Robin Pattuju in August 2020. The intention was to ask for help handling the case that dragged his name and another Golkar Party cadre, Aliza Gunado. The KPK is currently investigating the case.

According to KPK, Stepanus Robin contacted Maskur Husain a lawyer, to manage and oversee the case. After that, Maskur Husain told Azis and Aliza to prepare an amount of Rp 2 billion. Stepanus Robin also conveyed directly the request for the amount of money, which Azis then approved. Azis then transferred the money to Maskur’s account in stages. Firli continued, still in August 2020, Stepanus Robin was also suspected of meeting Azis at his residence in South Jakarta to return the money in cash. The money was given in stages of 100,000 US dollars or Rp. 1.42 billion, 17,600 Singapore dollars (Rp 185 million), and 140,500 Singapore dollars (Rp 1.48 billion).

The KPK forcibly picked up Azis at his residence in South Jakarta on Friday (9/24) night.

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