KPI Finally Asked All TVs Not To Glorify Saipul Jamil’s Release.
September 6, 2021

After the petition and a lot of criticism from the public regarding the glorification of Saipul Jamil that occurred on the television station, KPI finally spoke up. Previously, KPI stated that they allowed this because it complied with the Broadcasting Code of Conduct and Broadcast Program Standards (P3SS). The reason given was still unacceptable to the people.

Through KPI's social media accounts and on their website, they asked all television stations not to amplify and glorify (exaggerate and celebrate) the release of Saipul Jamil as broadcast content. This order responds to negative public sentiment regarding giving a “stage” to Saipul Jamil in several TV programs.

"We hope that all TV Stations understand the sensitivity and ethics of public propriety towards the case and do not reopen the trauma of the victim," said Deputy Chairman of the Central KPI, Mulyo Hadi Purnomo, on Monday (6/9/2021).

KPI also asked all television stations to be more careful in broadcasting content of acts against the law or contrary to etiquette and norms such as (sexual deviance, prostitution, drugs, and other unlawful acts) committed by public figures.

Knowing several similar cases often repeated, Mulyo said this would be material for consideration and input on explicit arrangements in the 2012 P3SPS revision.

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