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Jeff Bezos Recruits A Nobel Prize Winner Scientists to Live “Forever”.

(Image Source: Instagram/Jeff Bezos)

Jeff Bezos, through the start-up that he supports, Altos Lab, recruits scientists to research anti-aging. One of the researchers is the Nobel Prize Winner, Dr. Shinya Yamanaka.

Altos Lab currently operates in Silicon Valley, San Diego, and Cambridge, England with the mission of developing technology to refresh body cells so that the human body will always be fresh and not age.

Research has focused on programming cells so that they can repair the body despite aging and can even cure certain diseases associated with aging. The research could add an extra 50 years to the human lifespan

Jeff Bezos will likely be the first to be tested. Jeff Bezos himself does seem to want to live a long time because previously he also gave his funds to Unity Biotechnology, a company that is looking for drugs to resist aging.

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