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Jakarta Begins Face-to-face Learning in 610 Schools.

(Image Source: Unsplash/Mufid Majnun.)

The Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta today began to open limited face-to-face schools in 610 schools. The government opens face-to-face learning by considering health aspects, such as high vaccination rates, strict health protocols, and especially the corona positivity rate. The corona positivity rate in Jakarta is in the safe category if it refers to WHO standards-5%.

The DKI Jakarta Education Office has officially announced technical instructions for face-to-face schools starting today (30/8). The rules for technical guidance are contained in the Decree of the Head of the DKI Jakarta Education Office Number 882 of 2021 regarding limited face-to-face learning techniques during the Covid-19 pandemic.

One that is regulated is the duration of the study. These are the rules regarding study hours according to school level:
a. Senior high school: Maximum 35 minutes x 5: 175 minutes/1 time/week
b. Junior high school: Maximum 35 minutes x 4: 140 minutes/1 time/week
c. Elementary school: Maximum 35 minutes x 3: 105 minutes/1 time/week
d. Kindergarten: Maximum 30 minutes x 2: 60 minutes/1 time/week.

All schools have also assigned a Covid-19 Task Force team and coordinated with related parties, including the Puskesmas and Satpol PP. The Satpol PP has to ensure that students leaving and returning from the school follow the health protocol.

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