Is Doc Ock The Only One Who Comes Back?
August 24, 2021

Alfred Molina is back as Doc Ock for Spider-Man: No Way Home.

According to NME’s article, Molina said when he was first asked to return after 17 years to play the same role, he asked No Way Home director Jon Watts how the film would bring his character back being that Doctor Octopus died in Spider-Man 2. “In this universe, no one really dies,” he said the director told him.

(Image Source: Marvel Entertainment.)

Molina also talked about how it’s been almost 20 years since he last put on the tentacles of Doc Ock, and he was concerned about how Watts would deal with the fact that he was 67 while filming No Way Home and has obviously aged since the last film.

(Image Source: Twitter/BrandonDavisBD)

Nonetheless, every Marvel fan was shocked after spotting little details in the official teaser trailer, such as heard lizard, saw electro’s lightning, sandman’s sand, and Goblin’s pumpkin bomb. Many believe that there could be another returning villain later in the final trailer, whether it’s Mysterio or Vulture. Again, nothing is confirmed.

Well, let's see how chaotic Spidey gets in all of this.

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