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Hilman Hariwijaya, writer of “Lupus”, had died

DOK/TEMPO/Gunung Sarjono

Hilman Hariwijaya, writer of the legendary novel series “Lupus” and “Olga Sepatu Roda” had died on Wednesday (9/3) at 8.02 am. He was 57 years old.

The cause of death is still unknown by the time of the writing, but it was reported that he was hospitalized a few months ago due to a stroke.

Hilman was one of the most well known comedy and coming-of-age writers in the country.

His most iconic character, Lupus, was first introduced in a short story published by Hai Magazine in 1986. Since then, the stories of the funny and adorable highschooler Lupus along with his sidekicks Boim and Gusur, sister Lulu, and lover Poppy, have been developed into novels, TV series, and films.

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