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Coming Soon, Flying Taxi EHang 216 To Avoid Traffic Jam in Indonesia.


The flying taxi EHang 216, which is an autonomous air vehicle with a capacity of two passengers, officially conducted a demo flight in Klungkung Regency, Bali, last Friday (26/11).

In one battery charge, the EHang 216 can fly as far as 30 kilometers. Then, it can lift a maximum load of 220 kilograms with a maximum speed of 130 kilometers per hour using electric power.

“We also estimate that the EHang 216 ‘Flying Taxi’ service can cut the travel time of 30-50 km by vehicle for one hour to only 20 minutes by air,” said President Director of Prestige Image Motocars Rudy Salim as quoted from Detik OTO.

Rudy Salim said the EHang 216 would later be able to travel to remote areas and be a land route access solution to increase productivity, according to Rudy Salim explained, the EHang 216, with its 16 propellers, has a high level of security and has been tested in more than 40 cities in eight countries. In addition, this flying taxi supports the environment in Indonesia because it is safe from pollution.

Rudy Salim said that his party was still waiting for permits issued by the relevant parties before official operations for chartered flights with passengers.

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