#VERSPEKTIF Episode 5 – Tarot: Sekadar Omong Kosong atau Memang Cengli?
Nayla Erzani
January 26, 2023
Prepare Healthy and Tasty Meal for This Year’s Special Idul Fitri
Gisela Swaragita
April 25, 2022
A Child’s Brain Can Shrink If the Child Experiences Physical and Verbal Abuse
Meinitya Azzahra
January 30, 2022
Konsumsi Kopi Yang Berlebihan Dapat Mengurangi Volume Otak, Menurut Penelitian.
Meinitya Azzahra
January 24, 2022
A Woman Sues Her Partner in Court For Not Proposing to Her After Eight Years of Dating.
Meinitya Azzahra
November 3, 2021
Students Fainted After Listening To a Lecture From a Teacher For 4 Hours.
Meinitya Azzahra
October 15, 2021
Salt Bae Sparked Debate for Selling a Steak for up to Rp 12 Million.
Meinitya Azzahra
October 4, 2021
Two Australian Drug Addicts Pretended To Be Cops Looking For Drugs.
Meinitya Azzahra
September 30, 2021