Behind The Viral “Nah He Tweaking” Comments: Tony Hawk And Lil Nas X.
August 26, 2021

Instagram users notice that almost every post across is flooded with comments that read, “‘nah he tweaking,” The person behind the viral comment is a rapper, Lil Nas X.

Skateboard infused with Tony Hawk's Blood. (Source:Instagram/Tonyhawk)

It all started when the announcement was that skateboard legend, Tony Hawk, came out with his blood-infused skateboard. Hawk gave his blood and mixed it in with red painted and splattered on skateboards that sold for $500 each.

"The Satan Shoe" with Lil Nas X's blood. (Source: MSCHF)

According to Buzzfeed News, Lil Nas X did something similar a couple of months ago and got so much backlash and hate for it. The rapper released a shoe of his blood in the soles called "the Satan shoe" in collaboration with MSCHF.

Hawk gave his blood and mixed it in with red painted. (Source: Instagram/Tony Hawk)
Lil Nas X's comment on RapTV's feed. (Source: Instagram/Rap)

But strangely enough, Tony Hawk isn't getting the amount of hate Lil Nas X got. Lil Nas X then took to Instagram to express his sentiments on Hawk’s blood-infused boards, commenting on a news post published to RapTV’s feed with “nah he tweaking.”

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