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Behind The Viral “Nah He Tweaking” Comments: Tony Hawk And Lil Nas X.

Lil Nas X's comment on RapTV's feed. (Source: Instagram/Rap)

Instagram users notice that almost every post across is flooded with comments that read, “‘nah he tweaking,” The person behind the viral comment is a rapper, Lil Nas X.

Skateboard infused with Tony Hawk’s Blood. (Source:Instagram/Tonyhawk)

It all started when the announcement was that skateboard legend, Tony Hawk, came out with his blood-infused skateboard. Hawk gave his blood and mixed it in with red painted and splattered on skateboards that sold for $500 each.

“The Satan Shoe” with Lil Nas X’s blood. (Source: MSCHF)

According to Buzzfeed News, Lil Nas X did something similar a couple of months ago and got so much backlash and hate for it. The rapper released a shoe of his blood in the soles called “the Satan shoe” in collaboration with MSCHF.

Hawk gave his blood and mixed it in with red painted. (Source: Instagram/Tony Hawk)
Lil Nas X’s comment on RapTV’s feed. (Source: Instagram/Rap)

But strangely enough, Tony Hawk isn’t getting the amount of hate Lil Nas X got. Lil Nas X then took to Instagram to express his sentiments on Hawk’s blood-infused boards, commenting on a news post published to RapTV’s feed with “nah he tweaking.”

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