Behind The Light: Founders Sofia And Ali Khan Share Their Vision.
September 22, 2021

The Light is a training center that claims to be a self-betterment organization focused on helping youths take charge of their life for a brighter future. We recently managed to secure an exclusive in-person interview with Ali Khan and his wife Sofia, the founders of The Light, where they let us in on this organization's inner workings and genesis.

As diseases and environmental contamination continuously ravage the world, Ali and Sofia Khan were inspired to do something for the younger generation. They wanted to create a safe space, away from the chaos of the outside world, where teenagers could harness their potential. However, not everyone could join The Light. Interested applicants had to be clear about their passions and write an essay explaining why they wanted to be a part of The Light.

The recommended age to join The Light is 16 years old, as the founders believe that this is when a person should learn self-control and discipline in all aspects of their life. At that age, with proper training, they will have a better chance to achieve their dreams and life goals while evolving to be the best version of themselves. The Light provides everything they need through this process.

There are many different fields of expertise that can be explored at The Light, and what a member chooses to do is all dependent on their individual passion points. For example, if someone enjoys creating content, The Light provides qualified mentors (such as directors, editors, etc.) to help nurture these young members. If someone is athletic and enjoys playing sports, The Light offers support and well-equipped facilities to train them to become professional athletes. 

As described on, The Light aims to support each of their members through their self-improvement journey, train, be fantastic, and be the best version of themselves.

But the training courses can be grueling at times, and not everyone approves of Ali and Sofia Khan’s methods in helping the young generation build a brighter future. Though it has only been three years since they created The Light, this power couple stays steadfast in their beliefs and shows no signs of backing down any time soon. 

  • Editor’s Note: Sofia and Ali Khan abruptly ended the interview, but a spokesperson from The Light told us to keep an eye out for more details from The Light at the Sundance Film Festival happening in Jakarta on September 23rd.

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