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Andrew Tate tried to clap back on Greta Thurnbergvideo helped Romani Police to locate and arrest him.

screen capture from Andrew Tate video on Twitter

Controversial influencer and former kickboxer Andrew Tate has been arrested in Romania on human trafficking and rape allegations. He was located by local police after posting a video in an attempt to clap back at environmental activist Greta Thurnberg.

Andrew Tate is known for his kickboxing career with a total of 78 wins and 9 losses as well as his controversial statements that are often deemed as mysoginistic.

Previously, Tate posted a video flaunting his 33 luxury cars on Twitter, saying that Thurnberg should know about his massive carbon emissions. The 19 year-old activist clapped back, mentioning “small d*ck energy” and “get a life”. Tate then posted a video in an attempt to respond to the clapback, only for the Romani officers finding out that he is in the country.

Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan are wanted in the country for luring women to lavish villas using the “loverboy method”. The Tate brothers were accused of stucking up women in a relationship over social media before convincing them to come to Romania to pursue a romantic relationship. Instead, the women were held captive in the villa and coerced into being OnlyFans models.

The Romani Police could not arrest the brothers outside of Romania. However, Tate’s lastest video to Thurnberg shows a pizza box from a local chain that shows that he was in the country.

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