A Student Died While Attending Diklatsar Menwa UNS.
October 26, 2021

A student of Sebelas Maret University (UNS) Solo, Gilang Endi Saputra, died while attending Pendidikan dan Latihan Dasar (Diklatsar) Pra Gladi Patria XXXVI Resimen Mahasiswa (Menwa) UNS on Sunday (10/24/2021) night. The activity was held in the Jurug area, Solo, Central Java.

Gilang's grandmother, Mulyati, told her grandson went to Solo on Thursday (21/10) at 21.30 WIB. Mulyati said that at that time, Gilang would attend the Diklatsar Menwa. During the Diklatsar Menwa, Gilang tried to contact his mother by telephone. However, his mother missed the call, and on Sunday (24/10), when his mother sent a message via Whatsapp, Gilang's phone was not active, according to CNN Indonesia.

Communication didn't work, and then there were UNS students on Monday (25/10) who came to the family and asked the family to go to Dr. Moewardi Hospital immediately. Arriving at the hospital, Gilang's parents found their son had died.

Gilang's uncle, Sutarno, told Kompas.com that Gilang's last condition was bruised on his cheek, and he hoped the police could investigate the death of his nephew.

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