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A Student Admitted To Being Sexually Harassed During Thesis Guidance.

(Image Source: Unsplash/Michelle Ding)

An Universitas Riau (UNRI) student admitted that a lecturer sexually harassed her by nonconsensually kissing her during thesis guidance. The woman claimed to be a student majoring in international relations at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP). The alleged sexual harassment went viral. In the video, a student conveys the tragedy in front of the camera. The woman with the disguised face admitted that she was a 2018 student who was currently guiding her thesis. She admitted to being harassed at the end of last October in a campus environment, according to

The student said the incident occurred when she was going to do thesis guidance with her lecturer. She admitted that the thesis guidance was in the lecturer’s room. After the thesis’ guidance session went smoothly, the student shook the lecturer’s hand and was suddenly grabbed tightly and seduced, quoting from her statement in the video.

The student admitted that after the lecturer held her hand tightly, not long after, her body was brought closer. Then the lecturer held her head and kissed her forehead and cheeks. Out of fear, she then lowered her head. However, her head was raised again in a state of fear. Because she refused, the student was then allowed to leave the room.

The Dean of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Riau University, Syafri Harto, spoke about the viral video confession of a student who was allegedly sexually harassed by him. He also denied the accusations. Syafri Harto confirmed that he would report back those concerned with allegations of defamation. In addition to reporting the alleged victim, he will also complain to the admin who uploaded the video.

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