70 Students Were Arrested On The First Day Of School.
September 2, 2021

On the first day of face-to-face school, 70 students were arrested by the police for wanting to brawl. The students were arrested on Monday night while at the skateboard park, M Yamin Street, Tangerang.

The allegation of a brawl started from information that the Batu Ceper Sector Police had previously disbanded a group of students. Officers then went around Daan Mogot until they found 70 students at the Skate Board Park on M Yamin Street. The police checked the students and found some students carrying sickle weapons.

"There were 34 students from Jakarta and 36 students from Tangerang who have been detained," said the Head of the Tangerang City Metro Police, Kombes Pol Deonijiu De Fatima, in his statement, Tuesday (31/8).

The police called the parents of the students to make a statement and collect data. As a result of this incident, the officer asked parents to monitor their children strictly.

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