70% Of Workers Don’t Want To Go Back To WFO.
September 21, 2021

BCC survey showed that 70% of the 1,684 workers surveyed (United Kingdom) do not want to go back to Work From Office. Most workers said they prefer to work from home either full-time or at least work in hybrid, so they can still WFO occasionally.

Quoted from the BBC, half of the 530 company leaders from the YouGov survey said that WFO affects office workers' creativity and collaboration ability. Bosses at big companies such as investment bank Goldman Sachs and corporate Apple resist more flexibility. They even called WFH a "deviation". However, managers and community members surveyed agreed that neither productivity nor the economy would be harmed by continuing the work from home policy.

One worker named Antony Howard discovered the enormous benefits of WFH over the past 16 months, from avoiding expensive coffee shops to saving time. He works in the procurement department of a large defense company in Manchester, England.

"My health and carbon footprint has never been this good. I no longer travel 92 miles a day, and I am more productive," he said, adding he had saved money on spending.

However, research shows that some inequalities may also be exacerbated by a pandemic, while others may improve. Experts say children under 25 are particularly hard hit by losing their jobs or reducing working hours at the start of the pandemic. But still, half of the workers surveyed think that the careers of women workers will improve with WFH because they can do many things at the same time.

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